The roof window seems to be the center of this room. It is kindly shedding the morning light and giving you a nice glimpse of the surroundings. It was only appropriate to put a little table beneath it, so you can use it according to your wishes. As the sun sets down there are a few options for how to spend the evening in our hostel. You can chill in the garden, chat in the hallway, keep yourself busy in the common area … Or you can retire to your private room and enjoy some good company around the table while playing board games or telling your friends about the adventurous day. The room is a »go-to« for families when Soča valley hits the high season. It is prepared to accommodate up to 4 people. Still, each one of you can get your own little space and thus not feel crowded. Between the shelves and the hanger, you can neatly store your belongings.
In case you need even more space, two chairs and the table can be removed to the common area and if there is anything bigger you would like to keep safe, contact our staff. This room comes with a private bathroom.

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